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Peta male nude

Peta's persistence is opening people's eyes

The Essex native is of course not the first celeb to strip off in the name of animal rights - movie stars, sci-fi stars, reality stars, sports stars and stuck-a-fish-hook-through-their-face-on-MTV stars have all posed nude PETA over the years. After spending many hours doing vital work comparing and contrasting nude flesh, Best in Showbiz has picked out our five favourite, most naked-est male and female celebrity PETA pictures.

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Now we've left you, dear readers, with the task of choosing the very best. We didn't think that was possible. We've never seen a male where a bunny ends up being the second-cutest thing in it.

Naked PETA celebs - vote for the sexiest

Alicia Silverstone She's Clueless as to where her clothes are, and she just doesn't care. Polic nude Silverstone wants you to know that she's a vegetarian and, God love her, she just can't do it without lying naked next to a pool.

Christian Serratos Who wouldn't want to go on a ramble with peta Twilight actress after seeing this picture? Ricky Whittle The former Hollyoaks star becomes a beefy beefeater for this poster. Look at that sexy, serious stare The Situation The Jersey Shore star loses points for declining to unbutton his jeans, but gains some back for opting to pose with a few cuddly cats.

Peta's persistence is opening people's eyes | Mimi Bekhechi | Opinion | The Guardian

It's all so adorable - with peta exception of that somewhat vulgar slogan. Steve-O The Jackass star bares his Stripping off to save some animals must be much more rewarding than trying to break your bones on a half pipe. Dennis Rodman Ok, so, Rodman is a bit of an acquired male, what with him boasting colourful hair, a cross dressing habit and a romantic history that includes Carmen Electra.