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Forgot your password? Writing in the Village Voicerock critic Jason Buhrmester celebrates the new 25th anniversary re-issue of Politics in Painthe landmark debut album by New York hardcore punk band Agnostic Front.

Featuring 11 songs clocking in at around 15 minutes, Victim in Pain combined the politics sound hardcore bands like Black Flag and The Ramones with Agnostic Front's own uniquely aggressive style. The result was an underground classic that has influenced bestselling artists ranging from the West Coast ska-punks Politics to the metal bands Slayer and Pantera.

The Politics of Hardcore Punk

As Buhrmester correctly observes, Victim in Pain "deserves to be ranked within a stage dive's distance of Velvet Underground and Ramones classics on any list of important and influential New York records. Buhrmester also makes an absolutely essential point about the history of the famous New York rock club CBGB, which first nude raima its doors in and played host to many of the great punk, hardcore, and New Wave bands before closing its doors three years ago.

So why hasn't NYHC gotten its proper due in the pages of punk rock history? One answer is politics.

The Politics of Hardcore Punk –

While Agnostic Front never advocated any sort of coherent political philosophy, they did express the occasional right-wing political opinion—including criticism of New York's welfare state and support for Ronald Reagan's foreign policy the band also sometimes led their fans in the Pledge of Allegiance.

None of that sat hardcore well with the overwhelmingly left-wing world of rock critics and punk rock tastemakers. For instance, here's the full review of Victim in Pain that ran in the September issue of Maximum RockNRollthe nation's biggest and most influential punk zine:.