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As more celebs have their iCloud accounts hacked, top showbiz agent warns stars never to allow pictures they might regret being seen in the public domain in future to be taken. A new wave free pornsites password British celebs have had intimate photos and videos stolen from their iCloud accounts.

The latest hack has triggered concerns that they are being targeted by a fresh group of nude-picture freaks.

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Shalit, 57, has revealed that he warns against nude videos starts pictures using their phones. He said: Ryan Collins, 36, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was sentenced in to 18 months in jail after he hacked into at least 50 Apple iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts between November and September At the time, Hunger Games female Lawrence, 27, said of the leaks: It is a sex crime.


It is a violation. Brook, 39, tweeted her outrage in at the sex hackers, saying: It is a complete invasion of privacy. Dunst, 37, posted a sarcastic tweet in that read: A representative for Upton, 27, said at the time: By Halina Watts.

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